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: abby@beyondlabelprint.com

Dongguan Boyue Color Printing Co.,Ltd

Address: No.211 Xingfa Rd,Wusha, Chang'an Town ,523859, Dongguan City,Guangdong, China

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Ms Abby Hua ?Sales Manager?
Tel: 86-769-89338250
Email :abby@beyondlabelprint.com

Skype: Beyondlabel

Whatsapp: 86-13802371680

Ms Candy Xiao(sales )
Tel: 86-769-89338250
Email: sales01@beyondlabelprint.com


Ms Mia Zhong(sales )
Tel: 86-769-89338250
Email: sales02@beyondlabelprint.com
skype: beyondlabel.sales02


Ms Joyce He (sales)

Tel: 86-769-89338250

Email: sales04@beyondlabelprint.com

Skype: beyondlabel.sales04

Ms Jessica Liu

Tel: 86-769-89338250

Email: sales07@beyondlabelprint.com

Skype: sales07@beyondlabelprint.com

Mr Oliver Liang

Tel: 86-769-89338250

Email: sales10@beyondlabelprint.com

Skype: sales07@beyondlabelprint.com

Ms Daisy Xie

Tel: 86-769-89338250

Email : sales11@beyondlabelprint.com

Skype: sales11@beyondlabelprint.com

Mr Alex Nie

Tel: 86-769-89338250

Email: sales12@beyondlabelprint.com

Skype: sales12@beyondlabelprint.com

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