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How to create my own wine label?

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1) What is wine label ?

Wine Labels are one of the most importantsources to tell consumers the type and origin of the wine, year, ingredient andso on. The wine label usually is the only resource for a buyer evaluating thewine before purchasing the wine, Certain information such as the country oforigin, quality, type of wine, alcoholic degree, producer, importer, and so on.You can create wine for your friends and family with wine label designs, theprofessional designs.

2)What material can be used for wine label ?

The traditional choice for wine bottlelabels, paper face stock is often a classic, natural look, texture paper.

When you choose texture paper, cancreating a signature look and feel on your wine bottle. Paper often lendsitself as an excellent blank place for details what you want to print.

For example, normal wine paper,Antarctic white paper, Classical White Paper, Classical Embossing Paper, WetStrength paper, Blanca White Paper, or normal adhesive paper.

More, check here: Wine Label Material

3) What is the best-suited embellishments for wine label:

· Silk Screen printing is by farthe most expensive on average and find it very impressive. If you havebudget, then this could make your wine label fantastic.

· Color Gold(or silver) Foil Hot Stamping. Expensive, but Luxury, and ifused this technology, your wine can be very unique from theothers. Making foiling your labels on the top, surely will upgrade yourwine brand .

· Odd diecutting can make labels outstanding. Customized interestingshapes of your label and stick on the bottle, is one of fancy ways to getattention of people.

· Veryspecial stock paper is probably the most noticeable thing for a paperlabel besides foiling or silk screen printing. People feel and touch the wine label, seemslike tasting wine.

· Embossing is anotherone the most beautiful ways to enhance your label, feeling sense of touch,seems like screen printing, but more stand out while touching it, and catcheyes.

For more, please check out with BeyondLabel, we will suggest you what will be the most suitable labels for yourpersonalized wine bottle.

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4) How much for my personalized wine labels? wedding wine labels ?

How to print packaging labels?

For price, you need to offer your labelinformation:

-material: what material you want

-size: width and height of your label

-finishing: what embellishments you wantto show up for your label

-quantity: how many artwork, and howmany pieces for each design.

If you want to get a price for yourcustom wine labels, we can help you know more, Contact US: Beyond Label

We never stop to keep looking for newways to help you all guys with your labels. NEVER STOP IT.



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