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how to print on stand up pouches

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Printing on stand-up pouches is a process that requires specialized equipment and printing techniques. Beyond label, a leading packaging solutions provider, offers cutting-edge printing services for stand-up pouches, catering to various industries, including the CBD market.

Here's a general overview of the steps involved in printing on stand-up pouches with Beyond Label's expertise:

  1. Design Preparation:

    • Beyond Label collaborates with clients to create or finalize the artwork or design that will be printed on the pouch. Their team of experts ensures that the design is compatible with the printing process and meets the specific requirements of the printing machine.

  2. Choose the Printing Method:

    • Beyond Label offers a range of printing methods for stand-up pouches, such as flexographic printing, rotogravure printing, digital printing, and more. Their experienced team recommends the most suitable method based on the project's scope, budget, and desired outcome.

  3. Pre-Press Setup:

    • Before printing, Beyond Label's pre-press team meticulously prepares the design for the printing process. This may involve color separation, plate making (for traditional methods), and calibration to ensure accurate color reproduction.

  4. Printing Process:

    • Beyond Label's state-of-the-art printing press, equipped with multiple printing units, applies different colors of ink to the stand-up pouches. This results in a vibrant and visually appealing design.

  5. Drying and Curing:

    • Beyond Label ensures that the printed ink dries and cures properly by using advanced drying and curing techniques. This guarantees the ink's adherence to the pouch surface and prevents any smudging or fading.

  6. Quality Control:

    • Beyond Label's stringent quality control checks ensure that the printed stand-up pouches meet the highest standards. They meticulously inspect the pouches for color accuracy, registration, and overall print quality to deliver flawless results.

  7. Finishing and Packaging:

    • Beyond Label's expertise extends to the finishing process, where they can add additional features to the pouches, such as zippers, tear notches, or valves, as per the client's requirements.

    • Once the pouches have been printed and finished, Beyond Label ensures they are appropriately packaged and ready for distribution.

Partnering with Beyond Label for printing stand-up pouches guarantees high-quality results, innovative designs, and a seamless printing process. Their commitment to excellence and sustainability makes them a trusted choice for businesses looking to create standout packaging in the competitive market.


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